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his secrets. >> fbi investigators say one california city more than any other is a gate way for human trafficking. tonight, ron jones gets one of the street pimps to share his secrets. >> in the prostitution game, you don't need any money to make money. >> reporter: the feds accuse him of running a sophisticating human trafficking circuit. >> it is not like i have to go to college or get a degree. >> reporter: he promised to take us deep into the game if we didn't reveal his identity. the girls, the victims, start young. >> she has been doing it since she was 14 years old. >> reporter: the game promises a lavish lifestyle. >> the population we are talking about is extremely vulnerable. >> reporter: the glamour is an illusion, we learned just how vulnerable the victims are. >> and they are running away from something. so many of them are involved in the foster care system. they have bad situations at home. >> reporter: many are homeless youth, some as young as 14 having what is survival sex for food and shelter. law enforcement says the city ranks second in the nation. >> we are centra
reached out to the fbi and the da's office to do. i didn't know i would become a suspect. so yeah. a little blown away. >> reporter: this culture of corruption in the tight-knit community was not entirely new to the residents. >> some people would be struggling. if there was a burglary, they say they were always here late and nobody is doing anything. so we are not really trusting our policemen. >> reporter: the da says residents have complained about shady officers running the town for years and that is why they looked into it. after further investigation, they uncovered this massive scheme. live in king city, betty yu, kpix5. >> two other king city officers were also arrested on unrelated charges today. >>> we are getting our first look at the woman accused of going on a deadly rampage at an indian reservation. 44-year-old sherry lash rhodes was at arraignment today. she killed a bunch of people including family. >>> the san francisco board of education approved a policy to limit suspensions and encourage students who misbehave to get councilling. that is when they called for a
an suv he thought was loaded with explosives to a bank of america. it turned out to be an fbi sting. they provide the vehicle and the bomb. he was mentally ill. he had plenty of the opportunity to stop participating in the phoney plot. >> a -- stored images from millions of yahoo web cam users. why so many people call it a violation. >> reporter: the web cam is an important way of how people commute and some user told us they weren't worried a -- >> a camera inside your own house. who can say who's watching who? >> according to reports based on documents leaked by nsa contractor edward snowden, they collected web cam videos. it was part of a program called optic nerve which tested face recognition software to see if it could distinguish suspected terrorist. >> it's typical and that's that surviolence is allowed no the u.k. >> i've been to london many times and you'll go throughout the city and there'll be cameras everywhere. >> yahoo called it a whole new level of a violation of users privacy. it was known to take random pictures of the users not suspected of wrong doing. but they s
or embezzlement. miller says he is not guilty. >> i was aware of an investigation. we reached out to the fbi and d.a.'s office to do it. but i didn't think i would become a suspect. so yeah, a little blown away. >> reporter: these two officers were also arrested in connection with a scheme and two other officers were arrested on unrelated charges. all told, one-third of king city's police force is removed from duty. some people in king city say they are not surprised. they have been suspicious of the police force there for some time. we are going to have more about that in the next half hour. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> all of the officers arrested were bailed out of jail within hours. >>> in a story only on 5, surveillance video is casting doubt on a san francisco company that touts itself as the greenest recycling firm in the country. brian mcveigh was a supervisor at recology. he set up surveillance cameras while working there and showed us some of the video. he says the video shows here a customer placing about 2 pounds of plastic and 3 pounds of aluminum on the scale into a
. >> corruption work is part of the work of the fbi. >>> jeff adachi pwrugt the tapes to light. >> they were going to the rooms without warrants. in some cases we believe they were stealing items. there was no accountability. >>> ahead of the police officers association today acknowledged the severity of the charges but claims, these are based on unreliable informant witnesses. the entire department is shaken, says chief greg suhr. >> i don't think it gets any worse than this. >> reporter: the five officers were stripped of their guns, stripped of their pay and expected in court tomorrow morning. >>> earlier tonight, we misidentified one of the officers indicted. this is the correct imagine of sergeant ferminger when we interviewed him back in 2010. we certainly apologize for the error. >>> tracking storm system number two as it moves in. it's a nice looking storm. it has lots of moisture, lots of dynamic, thunderstorms possible and heavy wind. we're not seeing heavy rain yet. as we get into 2:00 and 3:00 it continues and moves east ward. there's more moving in behind it. you've got wet from north
's living out of the country. he's suspected of two bombings. the f.b.i. is offering a $250,000 for information leading to his arrest and prosecution. >>> the search for witnesses what we're learning about a gun battle and how police found two people they believe are involved. >> car buyers are getting a special bone with us their purchase. why they're driving away armed with a new gun. charles not having coverage stressed me out. i literally haven't been to a doctor in 15 years. i had a car accident when i was uninsured, and i declined medical assistance because it was gonna be too expensive. as a result, i deal with back pain on a pretty regular basis. after it had built up for so long of not having insurance, i couldn't believe that it was just that easy. it was just nice to have a plan that was a reasonable monthly premium. i'm in because i don't want to put a price on my health. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit, and get covered today. . >>> welcome back. it's a soggy start to the day, but no rain falling over oakla
for bombing in the bay area will appear and billboards across the country. fbi listed as a billboard with a photograph of daniel n. try as sunday ago. will be featured in seven different states. he's one in connection with bombing in pleasanton beckham to thousand three he's on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. harris said and diego could be considered armed and dangerous. >> : former san francisco police officers pleaded not guilty today for performing illegal searches and seizures. the original indictment alleged that they conducted illegal searches for residential hotel rooms trade sold property and falsified a police reports among other things. >> : at allegedly happened from 2009 to 2011 allegations cannot in 2011 after a public defender found out the surveillance the deal. >> : two other officers are all being in charge and the dead and they did not enter a plea today all six were released on $50,000 bail. >> : warned russia today it not to go into ukraine militarily. >> : military russia has entered ukraine today president entered as concerns day like any violation of ukra
. will be seen on billboards across the country. the f-b-i is posting this billboard with a photo of daniel andreas san diego. the billboards are going up in seven different states. san diego is wanted in connection with bombings in emeryville and pleasanton back in 2003. he is on the f-b-i's most wanted terrorist list. the feds say san diego should be considered armed and dangerous. the medical examiner's report on actor phillip seymour hoffman is in. and his death appears to have been an accident. but check out our weather forecast. here's to sort of all-out >> pay marty. to get elected storm tracker 4 were continuing to see the rain and taper off but still dealing with widespread rain in the south bay right now. the yellow indicating moderate downpour in cupertino los gatos and evergreen. pretty much alike to rain for everywhere else. but the survey were seemingly dry conditions. pretty much dried other than that. into the peninsula we are saying that mainly dry conditions. in the north ave tapering off of their to see concede it's just to the east of petaluma. now making its way toward
't realize the money was working for the fbi. he served four and a half years in federal custody, first in a minimum security prison, in arizona. >> his job was he was driver to other people, other inmates he had car keys and drove off the prison grounds and had freedom. >> lawyer stew handlynn says he spent two years in a prison camp in california. jew was also convicted in state court for perjury, lying about where he lived when he ran for supervisor. prosecutors found he resided in this home in burlingame with his wife and daughter. for that, he got one year in county jail. a sentence he'll have to serve now that he completed federal time. but handlynn went to court asking the judge to waive the sentence saying federal authorities sent him to maximum security for six months instead of a halfway house when learning he still had to complete his county jail time. >> that is the extra punishment he needs. >> district attorney gascone says his position now is that jew ought to serve time for p r purr -- perjury. >> there is some accountability to this community that hasn't necessarily ta
the waters. >> when it comes to gun violence, fbi lists oak land as america's fourth most dangerous city. that's why they say it's ground zero for innovate i've proechs for reducing crime. they argue with a robust gun tracing system they'd have a strong tool for their arsenal. >> it's just a bunch of gunfire in the same areas over again. >> reporter: out on a saturday night. no longer an active gang member himself, he now tries to lower tensions between gang members. on this night he gets word of a shooting that may happen near international and 93rd. >> we come together to show the community that it's more serious than usual. a real young guy got killed. it was a homicide. a little 14 year old died. >> reporter: they are at the ground level of a pervasive problem in oakland. violence involving guns. we asked oakland police to provide data showing every time an officer confiscated a gun. from 2010 to 2012, more than 3700 weapons were seized by police. that's three guns a day. it's also 35% more than the number of guns seized in san francisco, a city with twice the population. we found in
by the fbi agent posing as a taliban go between. it was a set up. he has history of mental illness and judge says that was taken that consideration in the decision. he apologized to the jump and said would he seek psychiatric help while in prison. >> governor brown ended mystery today over whether he would run for reelection this year. the answer? yes. here's the picture he tweeted took out his papers this morning. he has been camey in the election plans and they said with march 7 filing dead lane approaching he has been watching the calendar. but he has been raising money. he's already got 17 million dollars in the bank. brown is 75 years old and if reelected it would be his fourth term as california governor. >> fremont police department is hosting a workshop tonight to help residents use the home security camera. the city scott creek neighborhood is peppered with camera after series of break-ins. tonight workshop will teach people how to use the camera best place to install them and how to register device with police. that way if a crime happens investigators know who may able to p
announced his leave of absence to focus on corruption charges for bribing a undercover fbi agent. democrats no longer have a 2/3 majoritity. he doesn't think -- majority, he doesn't think it matters much. >> if there were key issues when the democrats needed to maintain the majority, that they were willing to put the votes on, they would not be leaving. >> republicans feel they should be suspended instead of paid leave. they are pushing for a vote today but they will still get their $95,000 a year pay. >>> san francisco school children are helping to make crossing the street safer near their school. today was the first day of the program at the elementary school. under the superviz of a police officer -- supervision of a police officer students helped kids get to school safely and it promotes pedestrian safely in light of the number of pedestrian accidents. >> having been a crossing guard when i was in elementary school it did develop a sense of responsibility and knowledge about when to cross, how to cross, be defensive when you cross. >> it will be implemented at two schools in the coming
to any thefts at any u.s. mint facility. the fbi tells me it is not investigating at this point. >> does this mean the couple still gets to cash in, then? >> reporter: it would appear so. but if it turn out that the coins were government property and stolen from the government, i guess all bets are off. the couple could end up with just a finder's fee. >> i have a solution for this, though. the couple pays the federal government back the 30,000 it lost. that's what it was worth. that's what the federal government is out. they pay back the 30,000 that they lost and keep the rest. >> keep the rest. >> the government is not going to be out mount if they sell all of these gold coins because of taxes. they will get money in taxes. >> there you go. >> all right. thanks, allen. >>> they paid a no for worthless airline tickets -- a thousand dollars of worthless airlines tickets. >>> not out of the draught woods yet, but tonight, see the dramatic difference in the reservoirs in the wake of the recent rain. >> reporter: a gorgeous sunset outside. look at this right there. the sun is finally out af
. prosecutors say he was thought his partner was a member of the taliban. he was actually an fbi agent. he was arrested as he tried to detonate a phony car bomb. the suv was actually filled with containers of harmless team. >>> you still can't talk or text on your cell phone when you drive but you can check to see where you're going. today a california appeals court ruled it's legal for drivers to read a map on their cell phones while behind the wheel. the ruling reverses the conviction of a fresno man. he was ticketed for looking at a map on his iphone when he was struck in traffic. >>> britain's signals intelligence division is stealing screen shots from hundreds of thousands of yahoo webcam videos according to the guardian newspaper. that agency with the help of the u.s. government snapped photos from 1.8 million users even some nude or intimate ones part of a facial recognition experiment by the governments. yahoo says they had nothing to do with it. it says this is a whole new level of violation of our users' privacy. >>> breaking down long-standing barriers. how president obama is pa
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